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The Falaise pocket


The Falaise pocket or battle of the Falaise pocket is the term used to refer to an area located between the four towns of Trun, Argentan, Vimountiers, and Chambois near Falaise,
where the final phase of the Normandy Campaign during World War II was fought in August 1944. The Allies sought to encircle and destroy the 7th and 5th German Armies,
which were in a precarious situation after the American breakthrough at Avranches and the failure of the Mortain counterattack. In the presented diorama, German grenadiers
and Waffen SS soldiers followed by a Panther V tank attempt to break through the encirclement in the suburbs of Falaise. Over 4,000 bricks were used for this diorama.

The Battle of Gazala


The Battle of Gazala was fought between Axis and Allied forces from May 26th to June 21st, 1942, as part of the North African Campaign.
It saw the XX Corps of the REI and the Panzerarmee Afrika against the British Eighth Army. Despite being outnumbered, the Axis forces managed to conquer Gazala and aim
for the stronghold of Tobruk through tactical ingenuity, suffering only a tenth of the enemy’s total losses. In the presented diorama, a StuG III self-propelled gun followed by an
infantry squad attacks the English defenses. Over 2,000 bricks were used for this creation.