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The Western Village



The Western Village is a theme in constant evolution since 2017. It’s a minifigure-scale project like all the Museum’s creations, and every year the author Maurizio Lampis integrates scenarios to enrich it with more details. It represents a typical day in a Western village with the Monument Valley and the Colorado River on one side and the GRAN Canyon on the other with its famous mountains. The Indian camp, the Legoredo Fort of the Northern Army, and all the most representative buildings such as saloons, hotels, barber shops, the station, and the telegraph make it a unique and customized diorama of the Karalisbrick Association and its author. The famous spaghetti Western movies of the 70s-80s are all recalled, including the characters of Trinity and Clint Eastwood, true icons of this film genre. Its approximately 50,000 bricks and the customized Karalisbrick Saloon make it one of the most appreciated themes by fathers who visit us because it recalls their childhood.