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The City - CHRIBY



The City theme, featuring an entire invented city called CHRIBY (Chri stands for Christiansen, the founder of LEGO, and By means city in Danish), is the largest and one of the most prominent themes in the museum. It is designed to be reminiscent of Back to the Future, where the car enters a ring of fire and then passes into the city of Springfield with all its characteristic and most representative buildings and characters. CHRIBY includes a Superheroes district and a Hidden Side district, as well as an upcoming Ninjago Japan setting. With almost 200,000 bricks, it is a constantly evolving project that has been in progress for two years. The motorization of the train, the Ferris wheel, and the amusement park make it more lively and realistic. The buildings are mostly made of LEGO, but also include creations by the author Maurizio Lampis, such as the black skyscraper, the train station, the fruit vendor, McDonald’s, and much more. While Springfield is almost entirely invented, it adheres to the design of the famous cartoon, with the exception of Homer’s house and Apu’s Market.