Our Laboratory

A place where you can bring your creations to life, learn new building techniques, or if you’re just starting out, acquire the basics for creating dioramas or to better understand what lies behind every LEGO set. 

This specific area of the Karalisbrick Brick Museum is dedicated to creativity and unleashing all ideas, and more! There is also a play area for children to play freely and we also offer a dedicated space for organizing truly unique birthday parties! Make your day even more special and organize your event here, at Karalisbrick!


The Karalisbrick LAB has been designed for both children and adults, with multiple educational activities and initiatives inside, to learn the building techniques to create their own brick artworks while having fun. Followed by professional and knowledgeable tutors, children will be able to design and construct dioramas, have the opportunity to interact with other small enthusiasts, and share this beautiful experience with them and their parents.

The LAB can be used daily outside of the visit to the exhibition areas.

We of Karalisbrick are aware of how important it is to encourage children in activities that stimulate imagination and promote reasoning, logic, and problem-solving skills, both individually and in groups. That is why learning through LEGO constructions is fundamental, as it lays the foundation for tomorrow’s adults.

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The cost of organizing birthdays and parties includes the rental of the entire Laboratory area and a visit to the Museum.

During ongoing events, the Museum will be closed to visitors to allow for optimal use of the space.

Each additional hour will cost 80€.

Each additional guest will pay the normal admission fee for the Museum.

Please contact us for special requests or further information.

Birthday parties

  • Includes rental of lab area + museum visit
  • Duration 2h
  • 20 people