Castles, towers, neighborhoods, buildings, aquariums. At the Karalisbrick Brick Museum, there is truly everything! Rediscover your childhood or share a memorable day with your family by visiting our museum and its 11 themed areas on display. In Sardinia, the association that brings together and unites all builders and LEGO lovers is the Karalisbrick Cultural Association founded by Maurizio Lampis, who creates creations full of details and fantasy, real engineering masterpieces with original and current themes.


Please note that during the week, the museum will only be open in the morning for cruise ship visitors and school groups. Reservations are required for packages and groups. We invite you to contact us for further information and special requests.

How does it works



3 aquariums made entirely out of bricks dedicated to the depths of the oceans and their submerged mysteries. These creations, designed by the Brick Builder Maurizio Lampis, are an exclusive feature of the Karalisbrick Cultural Association.


Vintage Area

The Vintage area tells the story of LEGO by collecting some of the historic sets we loved as children and that take us back in time to our childhood. From the famous Yellow Castle to the Black Falcons, here at the Karalisbrick Museum, you can take a dive into the past and your fondest memories!

Castle & Pirates

The Castle & Pirates theme is one of the most appreciated fantasy dioramas of the Museum and one of the largest themes of the exhibition. An enormous medieval castle, a brave army fighting against fierce pirates in search of gold and precious stones!

The Lord of the Rings

The Lord of the Rings is one of the most beloved sagas among fans of fantasy and Tolkien’s works. The theme reproduces the Battle of Helm’s Deep, between the fearsome Uruk-hai and the soldiers of Rohan, aided by elven allies and the most famous characters of the saga.


The Sardinia in miniature

This exhibition theme gathers some of the most representative monuments of the island, such as the Bell Tower of San Ponziano in Carbonia or the Basilica of Saccargia in Codrogianos, in the province of Cagliari. A fun way to discover and learn about the art and monuments of Sardinia.

CHRIBY, the City of Karalisbrick


The City theme is the largest and one of the most prominent themes of the Museum, redesigned by Maurizio Lampis into a colorful and highly original city called CHRIBY, which is constantly evolving.

The Ancient Rome

The area dedicated to ancient Rome will leave you speechless! Here you can admire the beauty of the Trevi Fountain, a unique diorama, in minifigure scale, entirely built by Maurizio Lampis, which has attracted the attention of the world press!

The Star Wars

For fans of this saga, an area dedicated to the most famous and impressive spaceships, including the Destroyer or the Millennium Falcon, and to the most beloved iconic characters and settings.

May the force be with you!


Arctic Landscape


The Arctic landscape, a diorama entirely invented by Maurizio Lampis, represents an Arctic scenario. Polar bears, penguins, and Eskimos: a truly evocative scene.

World War II

A diorama curated by Alessandro Deidda, which accurately represents two events that occurred during World War II: the Battle of the Falaise Pocket and the Battle of Gazala.

Your creations

Do you like building dioramas? Would you like to have your original creation exhibited in our museum? Monthly, Area 11 of our exhibition space will be occupied by different creations that will alternate from time to time. Come forward and contact us for more information!