Development of Creativity
in Early Childhood

How to develop creativity in children with LEGO


How to develop creativity in children? This is a question that many researchers have tried to answer over the years. Creativity is a skill that can be defined in many ways, but experts are still not able to measure it precisely. However, there are some behaviors that are considered indicative of creativity, such as critical and divergent thinking, fluency in speaking, and the ability to grasp differences and originality. Developing these skills can have a significant impact on education.

To awaken creativity in children, many researchers suggest the use of approaches such as experimentation, developing one’s voice, creating a vision, and practical thinking. And all of these methods are put into practice by children, spontaneously, in play. Imagination, mental elasticity, and experimentation develop creativity and the strategies necessary to successfully tackle new and unexpected problems.

If you want to encourage the development of these skills in your children, LEGO bricks are undoubtedly the best choice to start with. In this way, they can develop their creativity, imagination, problem-solving, creativity, and social skills in a fun and educational way.

Developing creativity in children with LEGO

In this context, construction toys such as LEGO can be an excellent source of fun for children, but not only that. In fact, LEGO can offer a range of benefits for children’s creativity.


LEGO encourages the construction of mental images. As children build their creations with LEGO, they have to imagine how all the pieces will fit together to form the final image. This process of mental construction helps develop children’s imagination and creativity.


LEGO encourages problem-solving. Children have to find a solution to fit the pieces together and create a stable construction. This problem-solving process helps develop children’s logical and critical thinking skills.


LEGOs encourage creativity. Children can create anything they want with LEGO bricks, from houses to spaceships, from cars to imaginary creatures. This creative freedom encourages children to think outside the box and develop their creativity.


Playing with LEGO is a fun and social activity. Children can share their projects with friends and family, or work together to create larger constructions. This encourages communication and collaboration, which are important for children’s social and emotional development.

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