St. Mark's Square in LEGO exhibited at the
"Creature di Gomma" Museum in Venice

A world record of Lego bricks and 8 months of work: Maurizio Lampis' diorama officially inaugurated in Venice

Presentazione Piazza San Marco Venezia Museo Creature di gomma

The beauty and grandeur of St. Mark’s Square in Venice have been reproduced with a world record of 170,000 LEGO bricks. The work, created by the Brick Builder and president of the Karalisbrick Brick Museum, Maurizio Lampis, took eight months to complete and weighs approximately 90 kg.

The St. Mark’s Square in LEGO was presented at the “Creature di Gomma-Venice Vintage Toys” museum in Venice, with the participation of the Tourism Councilor Simone Venturini and the president of the Municipality of Venice Murano Burano, Marco Borghi. The work was sponsored by the Municipality of Venice and represents a new and original way of communicating the beauty of the city to a new audience.

The reproduction was created with great attention to detail, with approximately 200 minifigures and 50 animals.

The three procuracies with the bell tower and the Basilica of San Marco with its famous five domes are faithfully reproduced. In front of the Basilica, there are the nine mosaics that distinguish it, printed on the bricks using professional photographic paper and a UV printer.

Presentazione Piazza San Marco Venezia Museo Creature di gomma

A record-breaking brick artwork

Maurizio Lampis described the work in detail, emphasizing that the reproduction should be a private Guinness world record, the largest achievement in the world. The work is 270×105 in size and 238cm high at its highest point, represented by the Archangel Gabriel. In addition, the famous bars that fill the square with their classic mosaic pavement have been reproduced in detail.

The diorama of Piazza San Marco represents a unique opportunity to discuss and reason with children about the beauty of creativity, and to encourage a return to traditional play and building with one’s own hands.

This is an extraordinary work that testifies to the attention and passion for creativity and manual work. A record achievement, which contributes to promoting the beauty of the city of Venice and the culture of building with LEGO bricks.