The Karalisbrick Brick Museum
arrives in Cagliari

Karalisbrick is moving and arriving in Cagliari. Many surprises are coming for residents and tourists.

The Karalisbrick LEGO Brick Museum, the only one in Sardinia and among the few in the world, is moving after spending 22 months in Sestu and finds a new home in the center of Cagliari, precisely at Viale Trento 5, in the historic building Luigi Merello.

The new museum will be the ideal destination for families and LEGO brick enthusiasts, offering 11 exhibition themes and over 500,000 bricks, ranging from Sardinian monuments to Star Wars, from the Arctic Landscape to Lord of the Rings, and reaching the dioramas now known all over the world, such as the Trevi Fountain and Piazza San Marco, currently on tour in Veneto.

Karalisbrick Museum: exhibitions, workshops and event spaces

The facility will have a size of 260 square meters and offer a 360-degree experience, ready to satisfy the needs of anyone who loves the game of LEGO bricks. The museum will be equipped with the first Karalisbrick Store, a shop dedicated to the world of bricks, as well as having a unique laboratory for children and adults with the possibility of celebrating birthday parties.

According to Maurizio Lampis and Gianluigi Cornaglia, the decision to move the museum was made based on the immense potential of the project, which the city of Cagliari, with its important role in tourism and user base, can also make known to potential cruise ship passengers and beyond.

Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the new Brick Museum in Cagliari and discover a unique experience of its kind!